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Annikins Mini - Mud Puddle
Annikins Mini - Thomas' Snowsuit
Annikins Mini - Something Good
Annikins Mini - Purple, Green and Yellow
Annikins Mini - Red is Best
Annikins Mini - Stephanie's Ponytail
Annikins Mini - I have to Go!
Annikins Mini - Angela's Airplane
Annikins Mini - The Fire Station
 Annikins Mini - Mortimer
Annikins Mini - The Paper Bag Princess

Annikins Miniature Editions

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Mud Puddle - Whenever Jule Ann goes outside, a Mud Puddle jumps on her and gets her muddy all over. But she defeats it with cheerful ingenuity and two bars of smelly yellow soap. As in all Munsch stories, kids are the heroes!

Thomas' Snowsuit - Thomas refuses to wear his new snowsuit despite the pleas of his mother, his teacher, and even his principal. When everyone’s best efforts lead only to comedic chaos, they all agree it’s best to let Thomas suit himself.

Something Good - “Something good” is exactly what Tyya, Andrew and Julie want to put into their shopping cart. Tyya’s dad won’t buy anything good at the store—no ice cream, no candy, no cookies. But when the saleslady puts a price sticker on Tyya’s nose, Daddy is finally forced to buy something good.

Purple, Green and Yellow - Brigid really loves markers. But when she draws on herself with super-permanent ink, she knows that spells trouble.

Red is Best - The little girl in this simple but exuberant story knows that red barrettes are best, “because they make my hair laugh. ”

Stephanie's Ponytail - None of the kids in her class wear a ponytail, so Stephanie decides she must have one. The loud, unanimous comment from her classmates is: “Ugly, ugly, very ugly. ” Steadfast, when all the girls have copied her ponytail, she resolves to try a new style. With true Munsch flair, each of Stephanie’s ponytails is more outrageous than the last, while the cast of copycats grows and grows.  

Angela's Airplane - When Angela goes to the airport with her father, he gets "lost. " As she wanders around looking for him, she sees an empty airplane. Once inside, she presses one button, then another, until the plane takes off. Luckily, one of the buttons is for the control tower. Angela survives the adventure without a scratch. The same can't be said for the plane. With simplified text but all the original illustrations, Angela's Airplane Board Book is a wonderful way to engage very young children in a simple story. The repetitive text makes the story somewhat predictable, thus encouraging children to chime in. Michael Martchenko's funny illustrations and variations in the text colors and positioning make this a visual treat as well as a story-time favorite.

I Have to Go! - The ever-popular story of a little boy in the throes of toilet training.  

The Fire Station - This story starts out with a familiar premise: Michael and Sheila visit a fire station. But then the Munsch flair for imaginative insight and humor take over. While the two kids are exploring a fire truck, an alarm goes off—and away go Michael and Sheila to the rescue!

Mortimer - With over half a million copies in print, Mortimer is one of Robert Munsch’s most popular and beloved books.
Mortimer is the story “. .. of a little boy who won’t go to sleep at night and who drives his family crazy with his rowdiness . .. [It] reads as though it was written by a parent driven frantic by one of the contemporary but compulsive stages of childrearing . .. [It is] of tremendous appeal to kids and parents at the same stage. ”—Globe and Mail

The Paper Bag Princess - This bestselling modern classic features a princess who rescues a very snooty—and ungrateful—prince.


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