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Mader Mushroom and Tree Top on Log
Mader Tree and Mushroom Spinning Top on Log Stand
Mader Tree and Mushroom Spinning Top on Log Stand

Mader Tree and Mushroom Spinning Top on Log Stand

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This unique set of woodland tops are handmade in Austria by a small family business. The tree top takes a bit of practice, with a difficulty rating of 5 out of 6, and the mushroom top when spun correctly will flip itself over and spin on its stalk! Both tops come in a decorative log stand for when not in use. This pair is great any time of year, but make an especially great stocking stuffer or Christmas decoration.

When was the last time you played with tops? Some of the best tops we have found come from a small family in Austria. All their tops are painstakingly made by hand out of locally sourced wood. One top can take up to 20 separate stages to complete! Beautiful colours, unparalleled attention to detail and lovely shapes make these tops the best out there. Watching these tops spin is mesmerizing, and adults and kids alike are entranced when testing these tops out at the shop. 

  • diameter of tree top is approximately 38mm
  • made of maple
  • handmade in Austria

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