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Youpi Et Ses Bonbons by Philip Roy

Youpi Et Ses Bonbons

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Youpi et ses bonbons is the translation into French of the children's picture book Jellybean Mouse, the second volume in the Happy the Pocket Mouse series. Youpi is insatiably adventurous, and when his good friend Jean suggests a trip to the laundromat to wash their clothes, Youpi finds it too boring and tries to dissuade him with the suggestion of the bowling alley. But to no avail. Youpi arrives at the laundromat in a funk, only to come face-to-face with his first jellybean machine. Thrilled with the discovery, Youpi is confounded for a second time when Jean explains that he has only enough quarters for the wash. Refusing to give up, Youpi makes a careful reconnaissance beneath the washing machines until he finds a quarter of his own. But the stingy machine conspires against the treasure-seeking mouse, steals his quarter, and refuses to release its jellybeans. Unwilling to accept defeat, Youpi convinces Jean to tilt the machine until its sweet treasure spills out in abundance. No adventure is too small for a mouse with a prodigious appetite for life.

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