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Jingle Bells Pjs
Jingle Bells Pjs
Jingle Bells Pjs
Jingle Bells Pjs

Jingle Bells Pjs

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Get ready for the holiday season with this great print for the whole family! Jingle Bells and Hollies are a wonderful reminder of sweet sounds, scents, and family gatherings perfect for the holiday season.
Petidoux PJs are made of hand-picked 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton, are naturally hypo-allergenic and are snug fitting so they don’t require the use of flame retardant chemicals. Perfect for the Holidays, their smooth stitching, soft wrists cuffs, beautiful matching colour threads and a tag-less design make them a perfect hand-me-down item.

Key features:

  • 100% Peruvian pima cotton
  • Water-based print
  • No flame retardant chemicals
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic
  • Flat, elastic waistband that won’t twist or turn
  • Tag-less for kids who don’t like anything scratchy or itchy
  • Pre-washed and pre-shrunk
  • Machine washable
  • Designed in NYC, ethically made in Peru
  • Snug fitting under U.S. guidelines for children’s sleepwear

 Color: White w/ Red & Green

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