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Matchstick Monkey

Co-Founder Katie Windridge, Mummy to Minnie, Coco & Bailey, launched Matchstick Monkey™ with the help of Touker Suleyman from BBC’s Dragon’s Den in December 2016, when she could not find anything to massage her daughter’s sore gums without getting badly bitten. Like many parents, Katie tried everything to apply pain relief gels / oils and granules directly to the source of the pain, but nothing was working. As a result, when Katie gave birth to her second daughter Coco, the Matchstick Monkey™ was born.

Katie’s daughter Minnie had always been a little bit obsessed with monkeys and was always carrying one around, small, tall, thin, fat – if it was a monkey she would love it. This is what inspired the monkey design. When Katie had the idea of creating her own teether she realized how important it was to make something that was easy for babies to hold, and this is when the Matchstick (skinny) part of Matchstick Monkey™ was created. Made from soft, safe silicone with handles that are thin enough for little ones to hold and use from a young age, babies are able to comfortably self sooth their teething pain with Matchstick Monkey™ teethers.

The original Matchstick Monkey™ Teething Toy, now sold worldwide in over 35 different countries, was so successful that they now offer a wide assortment of innovative teething and baby products including plush toys and gift sets.