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Beluga Baby Bamboo Wrap Carrier - Light Grey Heather
Beluga Baby Bamboo Wrap Carrier - Blush
Beluga Baby Bamboo Wrap Carrier
Beluga Baby

Beluga Baby Bamboo Wrap Carrier

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Babes, this is the comfortable and stylish bamboo baby wrap you’ve been looking for.

The Beluga Wraps allow you to carry your baby close to your chest while keeping your hands free.

Suitable for babies newborn to 25 pounds. Consult your doctor for babies under eight pounds or who are pre-term before using this carrier.

Made from bamboo,  Beluga Baby Wraps are proven to reduce crying by at least 40 percent. Game changer!

While holding your little one close to your chest your hands are free, allowing you to text your BFF, make yourself some toast or coffee, and live your life. We think it’s genius!

Made from sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo fabric, this carrier is super soft and has a unique four-way stretch that wearers and babies both love. This bamboo baby wrap soothes gas and colic, comforts your baby, and saves your sanity in the newborn days to one year.

Length: 4.2 metres

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