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The store is moving fully online. Orders will be fulfilled starting February 5
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Wishlist 2: Be my Valentine...

For now, I seem to only have time for one blog post/wishlist every two weeks so I thought I would do something around Valentine's Day. I don't really celebrate the day (although it is the half year mark for my anniversary - 11.5 years February 14!!) but I always do something special for my kiddos. Whatever you're up to and whether you celebrate or not, I'm sure you'll fall in love with this wishlist. 


1. Hugg This Book is one of my kiddo's favourite. We got it as a gift and it gets read a lot. Maybe, you will add it to your bedtime story rotation...

2. This Meri Meri Wire and Wool Heart Decoration is a great decor piece for bedrooms, playrooms or even living rooms. 

3. The Collégien Heart Slippers will keep your kiddos feet warm and cozy. We have this model up to size 28/29 (US 11/12). 

4. This set of 3 Petit Bateau Onesies - featuring two heart onesies and a white one - is the cutest. We have them in size 3M, 6M and 12M. It's a staple in any kiddo's wardrobe.

5. This Hello Shiso Heart Headband is one of many heart accessories your kiddo will beg you to get for them (mine did). This brand makes the best hair accessories.

6. How cute is this Love at First Sight Card from Two Bad Mice?? The card can also be framed and used as wall decoration. It's that nice!!

7. This Heart Mini Cookie Cutter is perfect for the little chef in your life. Maybe you can plan your favourite cookie recipe this weekend . 

Spread the love!!

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